Friday, March 12, 2010

Liar, Liar

Disappointments. Endless disappointments. Seems like searching for the perfect love story brings you to the complete contradiction of what the ideal is. True, ideals can suck since they are so far from what the actual moderate reality is but what sucks the more is that the non-ideal i am currently faced with is the total and equal opposite of what an ideal is and even worse.
It is best to expect less, because it leads to lesser heartache and feelings of doubting your capacity to bridge the distance of reality and illusion, and though making both meet is the challenge, risking things for an illusion is just plain unreasonable and inhumanely unfair to oneself. Reality is still the one thing we can hold on to.
What’s better than the best is to expect nothing and nothing at all. In the end, totally distancing yourself from pseudo existence is the most rewarding experience you can get.
Fairytales and dreams are wonderful. They make us happy and love this round-sometimes-lopsided world. But then, it’s about time we stop and think of this: There is a special and extremely important reason why reality and the other dimension are placed on opposite poles, divided by time and space,
REALITY and ILLUSIONS were NEVER meant to be together, they NEVER will be and NEVER should.
So choose which to live, we all have the freedom to die an illusion or die a reality anyway.

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